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Acai Berry for Health

Nature has all the best to give for our good quality of life. The richness of the species of the plants and animals in the whole earth is the blessing that completes our life. The research conducted and the development of science both have helped reveal the best sources of nature that can give us

Find the Best Way to Overcome Your Financial Problems

There are many things that you can do to overcome all of the problems, especially for the financial money.  You must ever get the trouble in getting some money. If you need cash but you do not know what to do, meanwhile you want to get it quickly, the best thing that you can do

Pooping is good

If you’re tired of going days between bowel movements , dealing with embarrassing gas, and the pain of your bloating stomach, we can honestly tell you, relief is here. If you have ever read your laxative bottle, I’ll bet it says “Consult your doctor if symptoms persist longer than 7 days or product does not

May you rest in peace

I first became conscious of death in the 3rd grade when a classmate’s (E) sister who attended the same school in 2nd grade died. It was about 15 days to Christmas and to this day most Christmas songs reminds me of E’s little sister who eat lunch at the same table with his brother and

Respiratory Benefits of Isometrics

Isometrics is a form of exercise that uses the resistance of muscles themselves to tighten and strengthen. There is not much movement of the muscles including lengthening and changing positions, as with regular exercise. Instead, it is an exercise that can build and transform fat into muscle, without overtaxing joints. Isometric contractions are also a

Personal Mirena IUD Experience

Karin’s Mirena Experience Doctor Can’t Find The IUD Strings I had my IUD put in a month ago and the experience was horrible. It hurt a lot and no one had prepared me for that. I also had mirena cramps for a week and moderate bleeding. During the first week I felt like I could

Are Vitamins From the Drug Store Worth Buying

Are the vitamins you buy in the drug store the same as those you get in food? Yes, as far as those particular vitamins are concerned. But food supplies a great many other essentials than vitamins, and also supplies you with vitamins that have not yet been discovered and hence can’t be packaged in cellophane.

Insulin Pumps and Airport Security

I took a trip to Maine recently and was put through extended search by the TSA two times! I’m a pretty innocuous looking fellow, so it was a bit of a shock. Needless to say, I was cleared on both occasions. Rather than choose to complain, I opted for gratitude instead. I’m glad those folks are there to ward

Update on Interview with Dr. Faustman

I just concluded my interview with Dr. Faustman a few minutes ago and, let me tell you, it was one of the most informatvie, stimulating conversations I’ve had in quite some time. She has an engaging personality and put things in terms a layperson can understand. I’m working on a series of posts which I’ll roll

Truth about six pack abs

For the fitness fanatic, sporting that coveted six-pack is like an alluring temptress – always beyond one’s reach. Of course, there are a zillion how-to guides out there that guarantee that you will develop that body-builder physique in no time at all. These books typically suggest super routines that are supposed to give you muscular